Google Play Games 2020.03.16841 Update Launched With Bug Fixes

The ability to play immersive or fun games has been one of the features that made the smartphone a hit in the early years. Superior specs and other technology improvements have led to the appearance of mobile games that can challenge many AAA titles, offering spectacular graphics and fast-paced gameplay experiences. Many Android users love to play games on their devices, and their experience is enhanced by an excellent app that offers a wide assortment of features. This app is Google Play Games, available for free and often required in the case of some titles.

Google Play Games serves as a central hub for gaming on Android, with the main screen showcasing some of the hottest games that are currently available on the Google Play Store. It offers an interactive way of searching for your next game as users can browse screenshots, watch trailers, and even test some titles without the need to download them on the smartphone or tablet.

About the Google Play Games update

The Instant Play feature is the one of the best highlights of the app. Users can pick a compatible title, press the launch button, and enjoy access to a few levels or sections of the game almost instantly. This is quite handy, especially since some titles can be quite large, and downloading them only to discover that they do not suit your tastes is a bit disappointing. It is also a great way to test paid games while enjoying an ad-free experience.

From time to time, nostalgia may bring back memories of some classic games that were played during childhood. Google Play Games includes offline versions of some of the most popular classic titles in the world, among which we can Minesweeper, Solitaire and PAC-MAN. Create a custom gamer profile, earn experience and achievements, and keep your game progress safe with the help of the app. Google Play Games 2020.03.16841 update brings bug fixes and improvements.