God of War Won’t Launch To PC, Despite The Recent Rumors That Say It Would

Gamers have recently discovered that the game God of War did not have the label “Only on PlayStation.” This tag is used when the game is exclusively designated for the PS4 console. Therefore, online surfers hoped that the game would be available for more game consoles.

Nonetheless, thorough research shows that the label has not been included from the beginning in the game’s description. This unusual approach bears a resemblance to what happened in the case of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding. An older version of the game, launched in October 2019, does not include as well the “Only on PlayStation” message.

God of War remains an exclusive PlayStation 4 title

Additionally, God of War is a “PlayStation exclusive,” as listed on Sony’s official European website. Therefore, no official update regarding this game becoming available on other platforms has yet been stated. Various leaks that noted the fact that the tag is removed had reached Santa Monica. Rumors initially started on Twitter, and numerous game developers hoped that they could be part of the implementation team for this game on the computer.

Both Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding are supposed to be launched in summer for the computer. These two exceptions to the rule that already have numerous things in common with God of War are an oasis of hope that this will be the outcome eventually.

However, the leading team members of SIE Worldwide Studios’ Hermen Hulst have already stated that no exception to the PlayStation policy is going to be applied in this case. Therefore, God of War and Bloodborne fans still have a lot more time to wait until this decision is taken, if it will ever be. Until then, players can enjoy the other games that have been so adored by the public that the policy was broken: Horizon: Zero Darn and Death Stranding.