Global Warming Threats Greenland Ice Now More Than Ever

Many researchers are surprised by the accelerated pace at which ice in Greenland melts due to global warming. While many studies focused on the Arctic and the Antarctic circles, it is now believed that severe consequences will surface if the ice present in Greenland will melt.

It is estimated that the ice can reach a thickness of three kilometers in select areas, covering a surface that is up to seven times larger than the UK. Should all of this ice melt, it would boost the level of the sea by seven meters, posing a significant danger for the UK.

According to one researcher, the damage is irreversible in the case of Greenland as long as temperatures continue to rise. The primary question is how much time will pass before all the ice melts.

With the help of the FireTree Map offered by Google, which simulates what would happen if the level of the sea increase, it is easy to observe that a large part of Britain would be covered by water.

Global Warming Threats Greenland Ice, and the UK Is In Danger

Among the regions that are affected, we can count Hull, Portsmouth, Plymouth, and Brighton. Scotland would also be considerably smaller while the northern part of France and the Netherlands will be submerged.

During the winter, the Arctic sea expands and then shrinks during the summer. However, the shrink was more intense than usual this year.

It matched the same levels recorded in 2016 and 2007. The rate at which the Arctic ice melts is daunting as an average amount of 12.8% was lost each year from 1979 and 2018.

In recent times more countries have started to work on new strategies that could minimize pollution and reduce global warming in the long run. One of the primary goals is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Still, this aim is complicated by the fact some companies oppose any limitations, citing that they will slow down the economy.