Gear Tactics Tips: How To Customize The Name Of Your Troops

gear tactics

Gears Tactics is a surprising departure from the iconic gameplay offered by the acclaimed series, but it manages to deliver an impressive experience for the lovers of turn-based games that have a bit of extra action.

The events of the title take place 12 years before Gears of War, the first game of the mainline series. The citizens of planet Sera panic as the monstrous Locust Horde begins to surface from the underground. With the government in disarray, a rag-tag team of fighters will become the last chance to escape a grim demise.

How To Customize The Name Of Your Troops In Gear Tactics

Players will take on the mantle Gabe Diaz, a rebellious soldier with a daring plan. Throughout the game, players will have the chance to rescue and build troops to create a capable force that can combat the seemingly unstoppable alien threat.

Two types of troops can be encountered in the form of heroes and regular troops. Heroes play an important role in the story and are pre-customized units that can be altered in some minor ways. However, players have the option to customize troops according to their wishes. Besides the look of weapons and armor, players can also change the name of the troops easily.

To customize a troop, the player will have to go to the Barracks menu and select one of the troops. The character loadout menu will offer a variety of options that can be changed and toggled.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we want to change the name. This can be done by scrolling through the options until the name options will appear. Select the option, and you will have the ability to customize the name of the troop according to your preference.

Keep in mind the fact that this option is not available for Hero units in Gears Tactics, who have a predefined name since they are important for the story mode.