Garena Free Fire: How to Be The Best in Squad Mode

Battle royale games are facing a tremendous increase in popularity for the recent years. Garena Free Fire is another compelling title in this area, as it was released in 2017 for Android and iOS. Although it’s not officially out as a PC version as well, you’re free to play it on your computer after installing an Android emulator like ARChon, Game Loop, Genymotion, and more.

Fans of Garena Free Fire know very well how addictive the game can become. And surely you want to become better at playing it if you’ve fallen in love with its diversified gameplay. Let’s see how you can take full advantage during Squad More:

Don’t hesitate to use bait

You can become a bait yourself in the game, and if you use this technique carefully, you won’t turn yourself in a kamikaze instead. Therefore, you can go among the opposing team and make some noise to draw attention. There are many ways to do it, just use your imagination! You can drive your car, throw grenades, and many more. While you’re doing this, your team could quickly position itself behind the opponents and catch them off guard.

Protect your allies

You know what they say: winning a battle doesn’t mean winning the war. While in a team, you can cover the advance for one or two players. These players will further cover the advance of other allies to their position. If you have enough patience to use this slowly, you can surely move towards the circle and achieve victory.

Flank opponents

Why attack the opponents head-on when you can split your army up and attack them from multiple directions? Do this carefully, and the victory will be yours. However, such a move is like defusing a bomb: cut the wrong wire and you’re doomed. If you don’t split up efficiently and attack quickly, your team could become very exposed to devastating attacks.

These are our best tips, and surely you’ll find them useful while playing Garena Free Fire!