Games With Gold March 2020: These Are the Games We’re Getting

We have the Games with Gold March 2020 selection of the free Xbox One Games. Microsoft never really had a specific time when they revealed their next selection of free games, unlike Sony, we had to wait for a bit.

Also, before the Xbox One games announcement, people started to talk about the titles included in the Games with Gold lineup.

Twinfinite has talked about their picks for the Games with Gold March 2020 lineup. They talked about Far Cry 3. They also talked about many Ubisoft titles: “Usually one larger game leads the list, and for next month it seems like Far Cry 3 would be a perfect fit considering Microsoft’s history with Ubisoft.” Then, they proceeded to talk about Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal and how they have not been included in the Games with Gold series, and how Far Cry three is the only one with this chance. They also talked about Cars 3: Driven to Win. Users have found out about money-saving offers. If you want to renew your Xbox Live membership, now would be a good time. The online retailer offers a 24% saving on the price of a year of Xbox Live access.

CD Keys has also reduced the price of a year’s worth of Xbox Live membership, from £49.99 to £37.99. You will get an instant download key, which you can activate immediately in the Microsoft Store.

How can I activate the key?

Go to the Home screen and make sure you are signed in. Then go to the Store, to Categories, and select Games. Tap on the ‘Use a code’ option, then select to ‘enter the 25 character code.’

This is the list of the games coming to Games with Gold March 2020:

Batman: The Enemy Within- The Complete Season

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Sonic Generations