Galactus and Thor Will Be Featured In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

There are only a few days until the next season will be available in Fortnite, and it looks like Epic Games has signed a sweet deal with Marvel.

An in-game teaser mentions how Thor and Galactus will find their way to the Island, and other Marvel characters could also make an appearance. The comic, which is available inside Fortnite, is based on a fresh comic book that stars Thor as the Herald of Thunder, with the God of Lightning helping Galactus to find and devour five planets with the aim to gain enough power to prevent the destruction of the universe.

A Galactus-Level threat

Within the comic book present in-game, it is mentioned that the first planet is found easily, and Thor manages to evacuate the planet before it is consumed by Galactus.

As they head towards the next planet Galactus feels a source of immense power and is attracted by it. He enters a rift, and Thor follows him, with the two arriving on the Fortnite Island. While Thor tries to convey a peaceful message to a group of popular characters, he is attacked by them.

Marvel-themed content

It is likely that the Season 4 battle pass will contain an assortment of skins and other items that will be heavily inspired by Marvel. Some speculate that a Thor, Herald of Thunder skin will be the first item earned by those who opt to purchase the premium battle pass, but it is hard to tell for now.

Despite the current legal issues involving Apple and Google, it is more than clear that Fortnite remains an unstoppable juggernaut for now, as millions of players are looking forward to the release of the next season of content for the popular battle royale game.

The new season will drop on August 27, and it already seems to be great.