Frozen 3: The Actor that Voiced Olaf Speaks Out

The original Frozen and the sequel, Frozen 2, have rocked the film industry some years ago. The films have been huge successes with audiences of all ages and have made their mark on popular culture. Frozen’s soundtrack, especially, was so catchy, that the films have remained in people’s minds for years in end.

The question everyone is wondering is quite clear, then. Is Frozen 3 coming? And if yes, when? Well, we are not able to figure it out for now. Josh Gad, the voice actor who was voice Olaf in the first two installments of “Frozen”, has recently declared that the release of Frozen 3 is not set in stone yet. Nobody even knows if there is going to be a third installment and it apparently all boils down to what has brought fans to this famous franchise – its story.

In an interview, Josh Gad has said that he does not know much about the third installment of the franchise. He then proceeded to explain why. Frozen II did not appear until there was a reason for Frozen II to show up on the market.

Josh Gad also said that the information about the release of Frozen II is way above his pay grade, but he can tell us one thing. There actually existed an opportunity to take the characters from the Frozen franchise and make them instill a sense of hope in the viewers. This opportunity came as the miniseries “At Home with Olaf”. “At Home with Olaf” is the result of a collaboration between Disney and Josh Gad and is a cute little something to keep the fans occupied until a new “Frozen” installment appears. Gad assured us that, if there is a story to be told that keeps the initial charm of the first two movies, Disney will not let us down.