Free Flu Vaccines From Walgreens!

Free Flu Vaccines From Walgreens

Walgreens is offering flu shots at its pharmacies across the nation in preparation for the flu season, which will statistically likely coincide with the resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

The company made the announcement on Monday.

The Initiative

Daily shots will be supplied at 9,100 of the company’s pharmacies, which will include extra safety measures to protect customers from the novel coronavirus.

Walgreens’ pharmacies are capable of providing immunizations for everybody over three years old, but some age restrictions are imposed based on state regulations.

Who Should Vaccinate?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, everybody older than six months should vaccinate to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Health officials say that it’s critical to get vaccinated this year, as the influenza season coincides with the ongoing worldwide pandemic.

Dr. Kevin Ban, Walgreens Chief Medical Officer, stated: “The convergence of COVID-19 and flu season means that flu vaccinations are critical to reduce the overall burden of respiratory illnesses on the health care system and help protect communities.”

How To Protect Ourselves?

Social distancing is essential during those challenging times. However, social distancing isn’t too effective unless you combine it with washing hands often and wearing face masks.

Dr. Ban said that flu shots are “one more thing we know everyone can do to help keep themselves and their loved ones healthy.”

According to Walgreens, manufacturers are “making millions of extra flu vaccine doses” to anticipate the high demand for immunizations over the following months.

The great thing about flu shots is that they are free for most citizens with insurance, so there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to get immunized.

In some states, patients with Medicare Part B and Medicaid can get vaccinations for free, too!