Fortnite Stands Next to Black Lives Matter Protests with Their “We the People” Campaign

Fortnite has implemented a projected that has never been seen until today. “We the People” is their new project, aiming to spread awareness around the race in America. The campaign will bring a special showing of prominent BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour), in light of the recent events concerning the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The event will be hosted by CNN’s host, Van Jones, alongside Elaine Welteroth, Jemele Hill, and Killer Mike, and it will be presented at the Party Royale big screen. The primary concern of the event is to determine how the governments could change the systematic racism media, entertainment, and culture. This initiative is definitely something that Epic Games and Fortnite should receive a considerable amount and respect and praise.

Epic Games has announced that the company is planning on re-airing the big event multiple times for all the fans to have access to it. More details about what is going to be discussed during the We the People movement can be found on their official website.

This would not be the first time for Epic Games to take sides in the ongoing racism scandal that has reached the whole world. Last month, the release date of Fortnite season 3 was delayed, as a response to the Black Lived Matters protests all across the globe.

These protests had begun in America, when George Floyd, a 46-year-old man, was killed while in police custody, without mercy. A police officer kneeling on his neck refused to take into consideration Floyd’s plea of “I can’t breathe,” causing him the death.

This is why Epic Games has decided to spread awareness regarding the ongoing injustices in society, which range from denial of fundamental human rights to racism without scruples against people of color. Consequently, they decided to offer time to their employees to focus on themselves and their loved ones before continuing with the season.