Foldable Devices: Motorola Razr VS Galaxy Fold


The Motorola Razr smartphone was just announced a few days ago. It is a foldable phone that people could not help but compare to Galaxy Fold. Motorola Razr will have a price of $1,500, which is not cheap, while Galaxy Fold costs $1,980 Samsung Galaxy Fold.

If you are looking to get yourself a foldable phone, then you should be aware of all of the similarities and differences between these two. After all, the $500 difference is a considerable amount of money. 

Some argue that the Razr would be easier to use, having a sharper design that makes more sense than the Galaxy Fold. However, there are people that believe the latter is better. For almost $2000, the Galaxy Fold offers six cameras, compared to the two cameras the Razr has, 75% more battery capacity, and interesting features like wireless charging. 

The Razr and Fold are very different when it comes to design, which is a matter worth discussing, along with camera specs and possible issues you might encounter. 


There is no doubt that the Razr resembles a typical phone more than the Galaxy Fold, which is more similar to a tablet. While the Motorola features a vertical flip design, Samsung’s device opens like a book. Still, the Razr has a more logical design, with the cameras, bezels and buttons placed right where they should be. 

Screen Crease

With foldable devices, you should expect the plastic screen to crease. While the Razr has a 2.8 inches horizontal crease, the Fold has a vertical crease of 6.3 inches. In this department, Motorola wins the fight, having a much less noticeable crease. 


If you take a closer look at the Razr, you will notice that some of its elements raise some concerns. Its gears are partially exposed, raising the risk of dust, fibers, and crumbs getting inside the mechanism. 

Camera System

The Galaxy Fold sports six high-powered cameras that deliver excellent photos. The Razr, on the other hand, only has one real camera, a 16 MP one, located right underneath the small outer screen. When the device is flipped open, another 5 MP camera, intended for video calls, will be revealed.