Final Update Coming to Torchlight 3

Less than a month after Torchlight 3 has appeared in the Early Access stage, the game is already preparing to finish its story mode campaign. The Diablo-like campaign has finally gotten its first major update with the addition of Mount Echonok, which is the third and last piece of the story map in the new game. This thus closes the campaign mode with a bunch of steam-powered robots, cyborg scavengers, and some fixes to annoying bugs. The new update is expected to launch on Monday.

The third and final launch was announced in a trailer released by the studio a little earlier this week. The game’s steampunk mechs and train-wizards were thus taken, in this new update, to the lofty peaks and old corridors of the long-abandoned Mount Echonok fortress. It sure sounds intriguing.

The lower halls of the Echonok fortress are full of Dwarven automatons, walking furnaces made out of bronze, but that still guard the abandoned homes of the master builders. It looks like Dwarven technology is much better than what we have these days, since I can’t even make my fridge run properly. As you progress though Echonok and get closer to the promised loot, you will encounter more and more Vultura. This is a race of mutated bird humanoids that like to add body-modifications and are a lot scarier than Bird Person, from Rick and Morty.

This incoming update will not just add the final touches to the campaign of the dungeon-crawler. A post made on Steam though the A State of The Game mode has suggested that contracts will return to Torchlight 3. These are a kind of battle-pass system that the developers have experimented with.

With all of its new story additions and essential bug fixes, this big update will arrive this Monday, on June 30. All of us are really looking forward to it.