Final Fantasy VII Remake: An Astonishing Success

The remake of the classic action RPG Final Fantasy VII is already on the mind of every gamer. The game was published by the Japanese giant, Square Enix, and will be available for download as a single-player game on the PlayStation 4 console. The original game was first published in 1997, and the remake contains about 15% of its original story, so gamers are sure to get a new experience, both story-wise and gameplay-wise. The Final Fantasy VII remake is incredibly successful. Just three days after it was published, over 3.5 million units have been sold all over the globe. What’s more, the game has been placed in the top NBD chart for the month of April. Below are some of the newest updates regarding this long-awaited remake.

The remake of Final Fantasy VII has been released on 10 April 2020, but only for the PlayStation 4 console. According to various rumors, there are some plans regarding the release of the remake for PC as well, but there is no saying when this will happen. Enix representatives have declared that they do not have any plans for releasing the game on other platforms, at least for the moment. Unfortunately, this means a long and tedious wait for PC gamers.

The storyline of the Final Fantasy VII focuses on the Cloud Strife, located in Midgar. Him, together with AVALANCHE, an Eco-terrorist group, will be tasked with battling Shinra, an incredibly powerful megacorporation with some evil plans that are about to be put into place.

Players will control the Final Fantasy character Cloud Strife. Unlike the original game, the gameplay method will be a real-time action one. This decision was taken to conform with the change in gaming techniques and technology.

Not just graphics have been changed since the 1997 release. A lot of new content has been added to this remake.