Final Cut Pro X Receives Update With Enhanced Workflow Functions

Apple has just updated Final Cut Pro X with improved features geared towards enhancing remote workflows and boost editing for content creators.

Enhancements in creating and managing proxy media grant editors portability and performance when dealing with high-resolution formats, or when collaborating over the internet.

New social media tools help automate video cropping in various shapes and sizes for regular social media platforms.

The new workflow improvements boost the performance and versatility of Final Cut Pro. The Mac is now better than ever for all video editors and motion graphics artists.

Proxy Workflows Enhancements

Users can edit remotely across an extended range of locations.

It’s a premiere for Final Cut Pro – You can now create proxies either ProResProxyor H.264 in dimensions as small as 12.5% of the original.

It is now possible to consolidate proxy media, images, and audio to external and network-connected drives.

Final Cut Pro Libraries can be relinked to proxies previously created for extra flexibility.

Also, editors can now link to proxy media made by third-party software via XML.

One of the best examples is, a cloud-powered collaboration platform for review and approval, with asset management tools like Keyflow Pro and PostLab.

If there is no proxy media available for specific clips, users can adapt workflows to show either the initial file or an optimized version of it.

Automated Cropping Tools

The new updated Final Cut Pro improves the delivery of social media content. Thanks to machine learning, clips from projects can now be automatically analyzed for motion and cropped adequately with Smart Conform to turn them into square, vertical, and any other sized video, just what you would need for platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.