Fight Crabs Release Date Made Public

There is another game from the studio that developed Neo Aquarium: The King Of Crustaceans and the well-known Ace Of Seafood. This game already tells you everything that you need to know, straight from the title: Fight Crab. We come even with a release date for this fascinating game, that is sure to give the least realistic gaming experience for the world of fish. The series has already been running for eight years, but the idea still makes me laugh every time. Just imagine, fighting crabs in a game called Fight Crab!

Of course, as the name suggests, Fight Crab is about battling crabs. Crabs are near-immortal creatures, and they are immune to the strongest types of battering, but are made entirely helpless if you manage to flip the crabs on their back. Basically, this feature makes the game a physics-based brawler about flipping the rest of the crabs, with just the right amount of help from weapons. Fight Crab has an astonishing 48 weapons, such as halberds, axes, flais, fish, jet engines, electrowhips, katars, frills, shotels, broadswords, sickles, shotguns, maces, lightsabers and chainsaws. All in all, these are mostly the tools that regular crabs have access to. The game even has 23 species of the impressive crustacean, such as the David Attenbororugh favorite, like the Japanese spider crab and the Christmas Islands red crab.

Besides its singleplayer campaign, the game has both an online and a local cooperative multiplayer, as well as some chaotic, but insanely fun PvP fights. Some crabs are even riding seals in the game! What else could you want?

Fight Crab has been in its early access stage, available for purchase on Itch since August 2019. The full launch of the final version will take place on Steam, on July 30. Fight Crab will cost 20 USD, and it is even coming to Nintendo Switch.