FIFA 21 Impressions

Few video games series are as well-known and as popular as FIFA, with a new title being released every year for several decades. FIFA 21 is the last regular entry for the current generation of consoles, marking the end of an era.

Some might be disappointed by the fact that Ultimate Team has remained the focus for EA, but there are lots of major improvements that make FIFA 21 a worthy choice for many fans and newcomers alike. The Career Mode has been overhauled, Volta Football is more enjoyable, and there are new ways to play Ultimate Team.

Gameplay changes

Subtle gameplay changes are present, and they make the experience better even if they aren’t as obvious as they were in the case of other games in the series. New attack features allow offensive players to employ smarter strategies.

Players are more responsive, and it is easier to pass the ball from one player to another. It is easier to pass to the right player, and those who have great reflexes will feel better when they manage to pull the desired moves in the nick of time, thanks to Agile Dribbling.

New additions

Many players who enjoy FIFA with friends will love the new co-op mode. Two players can team-up in Division and Squad Rivals, and there are several co-op objectives that offer valuable rewards when they are completed. The Debut will also offer a glimpse into what could have been a great story mode.

The Career Mode receives some love in the form of new features, including a Match Sim that offers the ability to influence the outcome of matches even if you decided to let the AI handle them. Contextual prompts will offer the option to seize control during key moments and assert dominance on the field.

FIFA 21 is available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it will come to the next generation of consoles at launch.