Fast and Furious 9 – The Return Of Hal and Probably Gal Gadot

A few days ago, we received the trailer for Fast and Furious 9, revealing John Cena playing the character of Dom’s brother. We find out what’s behind the apparition of Dom’s brother, but what is more surprising is seeing Han coming back in the movie. We all assist in Han’s death and funeral in Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift and FF7. So what is happening?

When we talk about Fast and Furious, we know that everything is possible, and returning from death is not something new. We have some theories about these further appearances. Some rumors are saying that if Han is coming back, we can even see Gal Gadot playing Giselle, who will join him once again. What is more shocking for us is the fact that in the trailer of the movie, we see Han Lue eating chips, and nobody it’s surprised by his presence.

More about Hal and Gal Gadot in Fast and Furious 9

Then it means that the members knew about Han’s existence, that he was never dead, and maybe he got out of the car way before Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) hit him with his car. Another theory is that Han was injured after the incident. He was in captivity all this time, similar to Idris Elba from Hobbs and Shaw. Han is appearing in the trailer driving, so his returning will not be a simple fact.

Regarding Gal Gadot, he played Giselle Yashar in the Fast and Furious series, and she had another mysterious death. She died in Fast and Furious six, and her body was not showed. So the conclusions the fans are making is obvious; you have Han returning, then maybe we can see Giselle as well. After all, we find out in Fast and Furious 9 that both Han and Giselle were living in a secret place, and they are returning now to help Dom for his next mission.