Fall Guys Developer Forced To Introduce Professional Anti-Cheat Solution

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become a major hit across PlayStation and PC recently. The popularity of the title sky-rocketed after it was offered as one of the free titles for PS+ subscribers in August.

The title has also achieved more than 7 million downloads on Steam as it became a popular game on Twitch, attracting a massive audience. However, as the popularity of the fun take on the battle royale genre continued to grow, cheaters who want to ruin the experience of other players surfaced.

Cheating is bad

Many players who don’t have the right skills have resorted to a variety of hacks to boost their in-game performance, and in some cases, it is easy to spot a cheater with the naked eye, as their character travels across the map at an impressive speed.

The developer behind the title apologized about the cheating problems with a post on a popular social media network but did there was no information about the severity of the problem. It was also mentioned that the team is working on improvements that target cheaters, and one of them is the introduction of an advanced anti-cheat feature.

Robust anti-cheat

In an attempt to reduce the number of active cheaters, the same anti-cheat system, which is used by Epic Games for Fortnite, has bee licensed by the developers. Fortnite uses two anti-cheat system in the form of Easy Anti-Cheat and BattlEye.

Epic owns Easy Anti-Cheat as it acquired the company responsible for it in 2018, and it offers the technology to other companies. BattlEye is quite popular among competitive and online video games, and it is used by several big-name video game developers, including Ubisoft. It is not clear which of the two was licensed for Fall Guys, but both are quite effective.

The feature will be added via an upcoming update.