Facebook Messenger Integration Arrives In Instagram

Facebook may want to encourage users to try more than one app made by the company, but it is quite hard to convince users to do so. For example, many Instagram fans don’t use the Facebook app or Facebook Messenger.

A recent report notes that a new Instagram update, which has been released in the US, comes with a fusion between Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger. A little pop-up informs users about the changes when the updated version of the app is launched for the first type on an Android or iOS device.

Sliding into Instagram DMs

The message pop-up proudly informs users that the messaging experience has been enhanced, while also describing some of the new features that are now available. Among them, we can count a colorful chat window, emoji reactions for messages, swipe to reply, and chatting with Facebook users.

For now, the update isn’t mandatory, but it is likely that it will be at some point in the future, especially since the Instagram app hasn’t been updated for a while. Some users may want to update the app to enjoy the new features, while others will avoid it as long as they can.

UI Changes

The first visible change is related to the classic DM icon, which is visible in the upper-right area of the screen and which has been replaced with a customized version of the Messenger logo that reflects the general color theme of Instagram.

Changes are also present in the case of the chat UI, as messages can have a blue or purple color. It is pretty clear that the use of the purple color is tied to Instagram, while blue will familiarize people with the general aspect of Facebook Messenger. The ability to send messages to Facebook users from Instagram may also arrive in the future.

A global version of the update could be released in the following weeks.