Facebook Lite Stuck on Android Loading Screen – How to Fix It

Although Facebook offers excellent services to its users and gets people connected to each other, some of its apps can encounter issues. But hey, any app nowadays is experiencing some technical problems. The good news is that we can fix most of them, with patience and documentation.

Today we’ll be discussing the Facebook Lite app, and how to fix that awful moment when it gets stuck on the loading screen. We are proposing several methods:

  1. Clear cache and the Facebook app data
  • Launch the settings menu from your gadget
  • Find and tap on ‘Apps.’
  • Search for ‘Facebook Lite.’
  • Tap on ‘Facebook Lite’ to see the info page
  • Select ‘Storage.’
  • Select ‘Clear Data’ to clear cache and the Facebook Lite’s app data
  • Try launching again the Facebook Lite app.
  1. Update the app

If Facebook Lite doesn’t have the latest update, it may cause you some nasty trouble and headaches. It can freeze, stop, crash, and so on. To update the app, all you have to do is following some simple steps:

  • Launch the Google Play Store app
  • On the main screen, tap on the menu icon which looks like 3 horizontal bars at the top-left
  • While you’re on the dashboard, select ‘My apps & games’ to display the apps that need an update.
  • Find the ‘Facebook Lite’ and select the ‘Update’ button. Eventually, you can select the ‘Update all’ button to update all your apps that are needing it
  • Restart your phone after the update is completed and re-launch the Facebook Lite app.

At least one of these measures can fix the problem for you. You can also try to reinstall the app. Keep in mind that while Facebook is insanely popular nowadays, it’s obvious that it wants to do what it takes to satisfy its users. Therefore, never worry that a Facebook app has issues that cannot be fixed.