EA Play Subscription Service Arrives On Steam At the End of August

Electronic Arts played an important role in the rise of subscription services for video games, with EA Access arriving in 2014 on the Xbox One while Origin Access was launched for PCs in 2014. Both services were quite popular, and the company has decided to unify them under one brand.

Renamed EA Play, the unified service, offers a redesigned look while keeping the same features that have made them a hit among players,  and the service will also come to Steam at the end of August.

Revamped and renamed

The revamped service will offer a free trial and two tiers in the form of EA Play and EA Play Pro. As the case of the older version, the standard version will offer access to a curated catalog of games, including iconic titles like Battlefield, the Mass Effect Trilogy, and many more.

Those who opt to pay more for the EA Play Pro tier will also gain full access to the latest titles released by Electronic Arts as well as full access to DLC content, and the option to pay games ten days before they will be released for everyone else.

Returning to Steam

After spending several years on promoting Origins as the default digital storefront for EA games on PC, the return to Steam has been a surprise for a large number of Steam and EA fans, with an initial batch of games being introduced in November 2019.

Only the standard version of EA Play will be available via Steam. Players who wish to enjoy the benefits of EA Play Pro will have to use the Origin PC launcher. A console version of the service is also available on the Xbox One and PS4, and it will also come to the new generation of consoles.

EA Play will be available on Steam from August 31.