Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59: Release Date and Predictions

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Even though the anime version of Dragon Ball Super ended two years ago, the manga continues. With Goku, Vegeta and the other heroes have to deal with Moro, a new and compelling villain who nurtures himself by stealing other fighters’ powers, chapter 59 of the manga is eagerly awaited by the fans.

While some critics might say that villains stealing powers from opponents has been a very usual scenario in the history of the Dragon Ball series, let’s not forget that Moro is several millions of years old. Furthermore, he is both a wizard and a fighter, which is the most dangerous combination possible.

Goku will bring back his Ultra Instinct Form in the New Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59

If you are one of the numerous people who are missing Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation, then you should know that he will be using it again to fight Moro. This is a massive hint of how insanely strong Moro is, considering that Goku has to bring his ultimate ace from his sleeve to battle the terrifying monster.

The highlight of chapter 59 from the Dragon Ball Super manga will be the battle between Goku and Moro, but Vegeta will also provide some help. This will not actually work entirely in the advantage of the two Saiyans since Moro is eager to copy their powers as they bring their ultimate techniques.

Can Vegeta use Instant Transmission?

This is another interesting aspect to look for in the upcoming manga chapters from DBS. Vegeta goes to train on planet Yardrat so he can learn new techniques that he can use against Moro. While the inhabitants of this planet are not too strong, they do have the ability to manipulate space and time.

Furthermore, they taught Goku the Instant Transmission technique after the epic fight against Frieza back in Dragon Ball Z. We bet that Vegeta will learn the technique because he has been able to learn pretty much everything Goku did.

The chapter 59 from the Dragon Ball Super manga is coming fast, and it arrives in manga stores on April 20, as it’s announced by V-Jump magazine. Moro will have to face the most powerful team ever: Goku and Vegeta. Will the forces of good prevail once again?