Dota 2: New Content, Cancelled Events

According to Valve, the novel coronavirus pandemic will probably lead to the cancellation of The International 10. Even so, the International Battle Pass is once again available for purchase, and a percentage of the sales go towards funding the 2021 The International prize pool. The International Battle Pass, if purchased, grants players access to features, rewards, and a certain amount of exclusive content.

2020’s Battle Pass even contains a brand new Guilds system. This system enables players to team up with like-minded players in order to earn various rewards, such as Battle Pass bonuses, emoticons, and more. Rewards can be earned by winning matches and completing various daily and weekly objectives. The Guilds even allow players to maintain communication while playing through a mobile app and through Steam. All players are allowed to join a guild, but only the owners of the Battle Pass can actually create a guild.

Valve has also announced a new summer event, which has been described as a “four-player maze of mayhem and madness.” Additional content that will be added includes a two-part Nighsilver, Foulfell, and Cavern Crawl. There will be exclusive item sets, Battle Points, and a lot more for any and all players than can make it to the second part of the map.

Dota 2 will be given a brand new, more competitive twist. This will be available through the Battle Gauntlet, which is a tiered challenge through which players will be granted 1500 Battle Points. The challenge will also have a Battle Tier upgrade and 200 Sideshop Gold. In order to be eligible to win these prizes, players must first win three games before they lose two. Through the use of Bounty Tokens, players can place bounties on the heads of enemy heroes. The higher the Battle Tier, the more bounties you can set, and the more tokens you receive.