Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy Ending Leaked

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy event has started by posing quite the challenge for humanity. In the story, the Red Legion is upset by the fact that they have been going through a series of defeats and are trying to attack the immense star-eating spaceship The Almighty, found on Earth. This is meant as a final move against the heroes before they leave the planet for good. Could this actually work?

Players in Destiny 2 have been working on a number of events and quests in order to fire up Rasputin, the very last of the Warminds. Warminds are great, powerful Als which have been built during the Golden Age of humanity in order to protect it from all sorts of threats. If it helps, try to picture Rasputin as Skynet with a raspy, Russian computer voice.

After the Destiny 2 fanbase successfully completed a number of public events at the beginning of the season, Rasputin has been activated, and the last of the Warminds is ready to take on the Red Legion. Personally, I do not think that humanity will be completely wiped out by this intergalactic threat, but, despite the activation of Rasputin, some damage will probably be done. Polygon reported back in April that a redditor named PaperMartin has managed to glitch his way into a part of the Tower. The Tower, which is the home that the Guardians have on Earth, has suffered a lot of damage, but the causes are not known. Could this be coincidence or is the damage tied to the intergalactic threat of the Red Legion? We believe that this is rather the latter option. The most likely outcome, once the event is over, is that Rasputin will be able to stop most of the Red Legion, but not enough to save the tower.