Destiny 2 DLC Is Coming To The Game Pass

Destiny has been a major hit for Bungie, who rose to fame after developing some of the most popular Halo titles for the Xbox consoles. The studio has announced a series of events as the release date for the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion draws near.

It was already known that Forsaken and Shadowkeep, the latest expansions for Destiny 2, are coming to the Xbox Game Pass for PCs and Windows consoles, but a clear date has been revealed.  Owners of an active Game Pass subscription will be able to enjoy all that the games have to offer from September 22.

Celebration time

Bungie is celebrating Destiny with the release of new items related to the game, including a poster that features some of the most popular characters, a special-edition birthday mug, T-shirts, and even a cookie cutter set for Guardians who enjoy a pastry.

More than 167 million players have enjoyed Destiny and Destiny two since the two titles were released, spending a total of 8.6 billion hours. The Destiny community is also quite generous, as more than $8.5 million were offered to charitable causes.

New changes

The division between the three available classes is pretty even, with Hunters being more popular at 38% while Titans and Warlocks share an equal ration of 31%. Beyond Light will add three new sub-classes in the form of the Hunter Revenant, Titan Behemoth, and Warlock Shadebinder.

Bungie has also released a new update for the game this week, changing the way in which Perks work. A serious exploit was also addressed, and several tweaks were introduced across all platforms. Destiny 2 will also be avaiale on the next-generation consoles, promising a smooth performance at 4K@60 FPS. Expansion content is also eligible for transfer to the new consoles for free.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will arrive on all platforms on November 10, 2020.