Deathloop: The Loop of Death

Unfortunately for Deathloop’s protagonist, getting shot in the gut is just an opportunity to learn. After a brief cinematic showing last year at E3, Bethesda has decided to give us an amazing look at Akane Lyon’s time-locked assassin during the Playstation 5 reveal, which happened last night. The reveal brought an extremely slick recursive bloodpatch, bringinh a supernatural kind of hunter vs hunted battle to PC this last winter.

If it helps, imagine that Deathloop is Groundhog Day. The only exception is that Bill Murray has to murder every single influential figure in Punxsutawney before midnight in order to proceed with the rest of his life. It sounds weird, doesn’t it?

There are not a lot of places out there to be stuck in a time loop than Blackreef, a party island and the location of Deathloop. The main attraction in Deathloop is gunning people down, which must be nice, I guess. Blackreef has a little bit of a Bioshock vibe, especially considering the animal-masked murderers that are always lurking around the fictional city. These are cheerfully idling around luxurious environments as they wait to kill you, night after night, all over again.

At some point, you will find out how to do that idealized perfect line. The only thing standing between you and victory is a precise shot right between your eyes. After Colt’s head, there are more than mooks. Deathloop features a PvP mode which is separate from the normal game, but enables invasions in your precious world. You wil be able to step into the shoes of the rival assassin Julianna, should you wish to invade the world of another player. If you choose to play by yourself, Julianna will still go after you, but will be controlled by an AI. Honestly, it sounds fun either way, but the idea of being hunted by a human assassin sounds amazing.