DC Titans Rumors – Soundtrack, Plot, and More

If you’re like us, most likely, you are excited to find out more about the DC’s Titans. Was it canceled or renewed? Are they actually fighting for the right cause? Let’s try to see what rumors say about this exciting show.

DC Titans Rumors – Soundtrack, Plot, and More

Titans 3 Release Date

Recently, DC has announced the season 3 of our favorite show, Titans. To be honest, we can’t contain our excitement! We know seasons 1 and 2 got so many mixed reviews, but even so, many people voted this to be the best DC series until now. Also though DC hasn’t announced a specific release date yet, at least we know they’re working on it!

What’s Season 3 Going to Bring Us?

Season 2 ended with a reunited party that managed to tear down Deathstroke. Plus, they also succeeded in finishing Mercy Graves’ experiments. Despite these fantastic achievements, after Donna Troi made an honorable sacrifice to save Dawn, the team suffered a loss.

They discovered that Dick was the one guilty for Chella Man’s (Jericho Wilson) death, the crew fell apart. The result? Dick got in jail. However, things are falling again under the newest Id that belongs to Hoga Nightwing.

The Bottom Lines

In the meantime, Blackfire (played by Damaris Lewis), who is her wicked sister, Rather Roth (Teagan Croft in the role) and Beast Boy / Garfield Logan (played by Ryan Potter) Cadmus must train her abilities for the best.

Finally, Conner Kent (impersonated by the one and only Joshua Orpin), together with the Superdog Krypto, runs the laboratories. But will season 3 be as good as season 2 or even better? Rest assured that we will do our best to find out before everyone else the latest and juiciest DC Titans rumors! Meanwhile, place your best on what you think the fate of our favorite characters from DC Titans is going to be.