Curious Expedition 2: Best Story-Oriented Early Access

The next installment in the British explorer game has now been launched in its early access stage. According to the developer commentary that came during the announcement of the date, Curious Expedition 2 is going to be a much, much bigger conquest to get to the bottom of than the first game in the installment. Bew combat, new art, new exploration and a lot more storytelling are all going to be included in the sequel created by Maschinen-Mensch.

Curious Expedition 2 is a turn-based expedition roguelike game for which players are required to manage the resources of their expedition, keep the insanity of their party members at bay, all while attempting to find glory. The developers mentioned this in a recent interview about Curious Expedition 2. In the upcoming game, players will embark on various expeditions on behalf of a number of secret society exploration clubs. Every single club will come with their own characters and items that will be unlocked as you progress and support each society.

The developers explained that they have realized that the first installment of Curious Expedition became, by accident, more of a procedural story generator. The developers have decided that it is time to go all in on that quality of the game, adding various relationships in the game between characters, such as rivalries and friendships, additional character animations, and even more features that are meant to reinforce the personalities of characters.

The first game went through its period of Early Access on Steam, just like this one does. When Curious Expedition was finally released in 2016, a review mentioned that the game was interesting because of its balance of risk, reward, and, sometimes most importantly, sanity. In the same review of Curious Expedition, the journalist explained that this is a great game for generating stories, but it is also a worthy challenge.