Coronavirus Statistics in California Look Worrying as the State Moves Forward with Reopening

The entire Bay Area and most of the state of California has now entered the second of a total of four phases in the plan made by Governor Gavin Newson to release the restrictions imposed on the state. Manufacturing plants, offices and curbside retail will now be permitted to resume their poerations everywhere in the state, except in the counties of Los Angeles and Sacramento.

The number of additional cases of the novel coronavirus still comes in by the thousands and some days even have over 100 fatalities. The most recent day when this was the case was three days ago, when, on Friday, 107 deaths were reported. This was the second-deadliest day in California since the beginning of the outbreak.

An additional 84 Californian citizens died due to the virus over the course of the weekend, including 33 this Sunday. This brought the death toll to 3,240 as the state passed the milestone of 80,000 confirmed cases in total, out of which 1,433 were confirmed just on Sunday.

The pace of growth of the pandemic remains just as it was the week prior: there are 18% more cases and 17% more fatalities. The Los Angeles county is still responsible for a large chunk of the statewide growth. However, more than 50% of the new cases on Sunday came in counties that continue with their plans of reopening. Out of the total 84 deaths, some 66 of these occurred in the county of LA, while the rest 18 came upon in counties that have already begun Phase 2 of the reopening plan.

The San Francisco Bay Area, which remains outpace by South California, has now seen an increase in the amount of new cases over the last 72 hours. The region, containing 10 counties, added a considerable 349 confirmed cases over Saturday and Sunday.

This article was originally published in Mercury News.