Conflicting Block Clusters: How to Fix the Error in the Sims 4 on PC

Generally, The Sims series of games is very easy to play, and it does not annoy anyone. But even like that, sometimes, you might get stuck in The Sims, especially when it comes to conflicting block clusters. We are here to help you with this matter.

Some users have complained about the conflicting block clusters. For example, when trying to get a gate connected to the house, to connect the other two parts of the gate, they got the message conflicting block clusters. This did not happen on the other side of the house, as stated by the player.

A solution to this one might be to delete the section that is connected to the house, then finish the fencing from the beginning of the fence, then going towards the house. If this does not work, you might want to try the other way around. It would depend on how it was connected – if it was connected correctly – on the other side since there is no foundation.

Another player complained that he bulldozed a lot and then built it again. It was a complete shell, with roof, and, when he tried to partition the second floor, he was not able to draw walls. He got the conflicting block cluster message, even if there were not conflicting block clusters there. However, he was able to connect different block clusters without the error message appearing.

One solution to this problem might be to redo the foundation. Some of the items will go to your inventory, but you will need to redo the foundation. Also, make sure that you redo it from the very first floor. If not done this way, you will encounter, again, the same problem.