Communities Are Turning Against Healthcare Workers

Heath workers were celebrated at the start of the pandemic, as they fought on the front lines against the virus. However, new reports infer that the attitude of the public has started to shift, and negative trends have been observed.

One medical worker noted during an interview that family and friends have started to keep her at a distance. Even a close friend decided to cancel a meeting at the last minute, and she is no longer to go to the gym at the request of the owner.

Shunned for helping

An increasing number of people are scared of the idea of being close to healthcare workers, a fact that is reinforced by a recent study. More than 25% of the participants argued that healthcare workers should be kept in isolation, while 33% argued that they avoid healthcare workers to prevent potential infections.

The study also notes that people who wanted to restrict the rights of healthcare workers were also more likely to avoid social contact with other people and preferred to stay at home for as much as possible. Such results are interesting since healthcare workers are among the least likely to be infected.

Clashing views

Some of the participants are also wary about going to hospitals, even if the is proof which infers that most super-spreading events take place at private gatherings where people don’t wear masks while also ignoring social distancing rules.

A healthcare worker who read the study argues that the results of the study quite grim as healthcare workers already face a heavy mental toll from tasks associated with their jobs. He also underlined that healthcare workers pay more attention to protecting themselves and have also played an important role in many educational campaigns since the pandemic started.

Despite the concerns of some people, healthcare workers remain essential, and they should receive more respect for their dedicated work.