Common Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Could Help COVID-19 Patients

A new study conducted by a team of researchers argues that common anti-inflammatory drugs could be used to help patients who require intensive care or ventilation due to complications tied to COVID-19, with hydrocortisone being the most effective.

The results were then compared with the ones from similar studies across the world, which were also interested in the potential of corticosteroid drugs and the results are quite notable. Groups of patients who received steroids were less likely to die, as the death rate was reduced by up to 20%.

Handy tool

In a more practical scenario, steroids would help eight patients out of one hundred to boost their chances against the virus, which may not seem much at first sight, but it is a substantial boon in the long run, especially since the steroids can alleviate some of the more unpleasant symptoms.

The head of the UK’s National Health Service saluted the new results, arguing that steroids are another essential tool that can make a big impact in the fight against COVID-19. It was also mentioned that hydrocortisone would be given to patients who could benefit from it.

Not a home remedy

While some corticosteroids could be effective at taming some of the symptoms and issues associated with severe COVID-19 cases, it is important to underline the fact that steroids, which can be found quite often in over-the-counter drugs, shouldn’t be used as a prevention or home remedy.

The discovery might play a big role in the future as health agencies and departments from all over the world worry about the consequences of potential overlap between the coronavirus and flu virus in the following months. While flu vaccines and the emerging coronavirus virus could limit the spread of the pandemic, it is likely that the medical system of some countries will be overwhelmed as worried patients will rush to get tested or receive professional treatment.