Colliding Galaxies Just Formed This Ghost Face in the Cosmos

A ghost face with glowing eyes appeared in the deep space in a brand new image coming from the Hubble Space Telescope. The supposed – eyes of the creepy face are the cores of two distant galaxies, which are placed in the middle of a head-on collision. They’re surrounded by a mishmash of stars from their galactic disks. A ring of young blue stars form the shape of the eerie face, and dense clumps of stars form its nose and mouth. But this face won’t be here forever – this ring structure which formed the space will be here for around 100 million years. The merging of the two galaxies will take about 1 billion to 2 billion years, as per NASA.

Galaxy collisions are very common in the Universe, and this kind of collisions is quite rare. The violent nature of this type of collision is the reason behind the peculiar ring shape. The galaxies that collide at the right orientation create a ring. The crash would pull and stretch the disks of gas of the galaxies, the dust and the stars outward. This action is behind the formation of the rings that gave shape to the face and nose. But we need to keep in mind that this rare galactic ring is not the only thing which makes the pair of these emerging galaxies that special.

Most of the galaxy collisions have, in their composition, a larger galaxy “eating” a smaller neighbor. Milky Way did that, too. These two galaxies that merge here have the same size almost.

To keep it short and simple: there are not many “eyeballs,” which are symmetric in this cosmos.