Civilization Is An All-Time Classic – The Best Games In The Series


Civilization is a strategy gaming experience and was released for the first time in 1991. During almost 30 years of experience, the users have rated Civilization as one of the most impressive video games in the history.

The game allows users to build their empire, which needs to pass the test of time. The storyline involves you guiding your Civilization’s evolution from the beginning of Stone Age towards modern times.

Therefore, the game includes all the essential trends and developments that humanity has experienced to advance. Your character will go to war, negotiate for different items, and will try to be amongst the most significant leaders ever saw.

The best Civilization games in the legendary franchise

Civilization I

Civilization I was released in an era where the end of the Cold War was near, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, during the times that the Soviet Union was still promoting the communist beliefs. The 1991 version included these beliefs, creating the path of humanity’s journey towards the ideal society which needed to be achieved.

Civilization II

Civilization II was a success al over the world, being released in 1996 in English and one year later in French. The game was specially designed to put the accent on the development of cities with the help of the most well-known civilizations, such as the Romans, Germans, Egyptians, Indians, and many more.

Civilization V

The most unique and impressive game of the franchise was released in 2014. Civilization V included the effects of the artificial intelligence, featuring computerized battles as well. In addition to this, the character is given the possibility to travel into the outer space and create colonies on the planets in our solar system.

Civilization VI

Last but not least, Civilization VI was released in 2016, is available for PC, Mac, smartphones, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Being the most current release, it incorporates current events, and the experience is yours to discover.

The Bottom Line

Civilization is a legendary series in the gaming industry. It made strategy game fans spend hours per day in the front of their PCs to play Civilization. We indeed hope for the revival of the Civilization franchise.