Chinese Space Agency Successfully Launches Rocket towards Mars

China has just made a successful rocket launch on Thursday. The Tianwen-1 Mars mission is now on its way to the Red Planet and marks the beginning of a new phase of the space race and a milestone in interplanetary exploration and deep space travel.

Launch Details

The rocket, one of the Long March 5 model, has just sent the Tianwen-1 orbiter into orbit. Together with the orbiter, a rover has been launched from the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center. This historical event took place at 12:41 a.m. Eastern time.

Picking Up the Parts

About 40 minutes later, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation confirmed the fact that the injection of the Trans-Mars was a success. This was after the flight path of the rocket took the Long March 5 in the direction of the Philippines, flying quite near Manila, the capital of the country. Some believe that the spent stages of the rocket might drop around the Philippines.

The Yuanwang-class tracking ships, a technical marvel of the Chinese state, has assisted the operating part of the launch and support was also given by the ESTRACK facilities belonging to the European Space Agency. The very first acquisition of the individual spacecraft, being completely separated from its launcher, the Long March 5, will probably be made by a 15-meter antenna located in the French Guiana, in the city of Kourou, according to various experts.

The Significance of Tianwen-1

The spacecraft weighs about five metric tons of wet mass and it is currently on its way to the Red Planet. Regarding its mission, Wu Yansheng, the mission deputy commander of Tianwen-1, has declared that the mission is a significant landmark project and it is in the process of making the People’s Republic of China an aerospace power. The fact that China will land a rocket as far away as Mars is a milestone for the space agency.