CDC Worried About Hospitals Being Overwhelmed By COVID-19 And Flu

As the number of cases and deaths continues to rise around the world, many health authorities are concerned about what may happen once the flu season starts, with one of them being the CDC.

While there are more than 22.7 million cases of COVID-19 that have been found across the world, the number of actual cases could be considerably higher, especially since there is the number of tests is small, many cases aren’t reported, and some governments may attempt to downplay the impact of outbreaks.

Growing numbers

The United States has the largest number of cases in the world, as more than 5.5 million have been diagnosed, while at least 174,290 people died due to the dangerous virus. Many worries that the situation will be even worse when the flu season comes in the fall.

An explosion of COVID-19 and flu cases could lead to disaster, like many hospitals across the country would be overwhelmed and unable to accept or treat all the patients. This perspective was shared during a live interview by the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Preventive measures

The Director urged citizens to respect social distancing rules and try their best to prevent the spread of flu or COVID-119 to other people if they think that they have been infected. It is thought that flu vaccines could mitigate potential complications, as the CDC has already purchased an additional 9.3 million doses.

While some vocal minorities have demanded the removal of social distancing rules, this will not happen for the foreseeable future, at least as long as the number of cases continues to rise at a regular pace. Getting a flu shot is essential as it will protect citizens from the flue and potential inconveniences caused by flu symptoms, including fever and coughing, which could be interpreted as signs of having COVID-19.