Can You Get Reinfected With Covid?

People across the globe are wondering whether they are immune to SARS-CoV-2 after getting it and surviving it or not.

The concerns of reinfection grew higher each day as the virus keeps on spreading.

Some reinfection cases were reported. A woman even died after the second infection, so it’s obvious why people are so concerned.

Researchers are still working to determine the full extent of the reinfection and the ramifications on efforts to end the deadliest pandemic of the century.

Number Of Reinfections

A tracker made by the Dutch news agency BNO News registered 24 cases of reinfection globally as of Oct. 16. The first confirmed case was a 33-year-old man from Hong Kong who got infected again in August.

He tested positive first in March with mild symptoms and registered two negative tests two weeks after.

However, the second time he got infected, he manifested no symptoms of the disease.

The only known person to die after being reinfected is a Dutch woman, aged 89, who was also undergoing chemotherapy treatment against a rare form of white blood cell cancer.

Is It Normal To Get Reinfected?

It turns out that only some viruses like the one that provokes measles provide victims with lifelong immunity against a second infection.

Like those responsible for the flu and colds, common viruses that provoke respiratory diseases are mostly successful due to their ability to reinfect.

Several factors can allow reinfection to happen, including a weak immune system’s inadequate response, decreasing immunity, and a mutation of the virus, making it almost like contracting a new virus.

In many cases, the second infection has worse symptoms than the first, but it isn’t necessarily lethal.