Can Flu Shots Keep COVID-19 Away?

As the flu season approaches and many people are preparing for flu shots, some wonder if the vaccine could also be effective against COVID-19, allowing them two dodge to viruses at the same time.

While the flu vaccine won’t keep people safe against COVID-19, it is essential to minimize the risk to get flu in the first place, since a large number of flu and COVID-19 cases might surface in the following months, putting healthcare systems under a lot of pressure. Catching both viruses at the same time could also lead to dire complications.

Potential benefits

According to a certified health expert, there is early research that infers that the flu shot could reduce the severity of COVID-19, as a study suggests that people who received the shot have a lower risk of needing intensive treatments.

Since early studies and research do not provide concrete proof, it is difficult to tell if the flu shot could offer any benefits related to COVID-19 at this point. Some researchers argue that after the flu shot, the body boosts the immune response against infections of a similar type, which aren’t targeted by the vaccine.

Preventing confusions

It is also important to underline the fact that a flu shot will prevent the appearance of symptoms associated with flu and similar to that of COVID-19, including fever, cough and body aches, which could lead to temporary isolation at home even if the COVID-19 test shows a negative result due to fears related to false negatives.

A flu shot, as well as using masks and keeping the required social distance, are the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and flu and to protect those around you. The vaccine can also prevent asymptomatic COVID-19 patients from spreading the virus by catching flu and developing symptoms like coughing or sneezing.

Further research could reveal new information in the future.