Call of Duty: Warzone: Innovative New Game Mode

Amos Hodge, the creative director of Raven Software, has declared earlier this month that the DUOS mode will be coming to Call of Duty: Warzone. The game mode will be added to the game’s battle royale quite soon, once the developers find the right time to launch it. It would seem that this time has finally come, and Activision has just said that the paired-up mode is now available to play in Call of Duty: Warzone.

The Warzone Duos mode works just like the Trios and the Four-os mode work. The difference is that the Duos mode does not provide as many opportunities to turn things around and recover if they happen to go sour. The fact that there is not as much backup means that there is more pressure on players to pull their weight across a much wider variety of possible situations.

According to a representative of Activision, Duos could be the ultimate test of teamwork and friendship. Since there is only one teammate that players can rely on, gamers will have to use their brains and coordinate their strategy, call out some good shots, and, perhaps, most important of all, actually hit their shots when the life of their fellow Operators is on the line.

The same statement mentioned how having only two Operators could create a possible shift in the meta, as players could find themselves needing to cover multiple roles with just one Operator, through the Overkill perk. Of course, assault rifle-sniper builds are amazing, but if nobody in the team has an answer to shotguns or vehicles, the team might face some enormous issues.

The announcement encourages players to do quite a lot of things. Suggestions include communication, proper teamwork, and the ever-present sharpshooting. The most important hint, however, is that players are still individuals. If they can’t work with their partners, they should give up on them.