Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 – All You Need To Know

The fourth season of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare was meant to begin on June 3, but Activision decided to delay the release of the update because of the ongoing George Floyd protests in America and across the world.

Other launch or reveal events have been pushed back, including Sony’s PS5 games show, in an attempt to be solidary with the human rights movement, which dates back to 2013 and aims to raise awareness of racism, police brutality, and more.

When Will Season 4 Start?

Activision and Infinity Ward haven’t yet dropped any clues about the launch of the fourth season.

We know that Modern Warfare Season 4 and Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 has been rescheduled to “later dates,” but that doesn’t sound too precise to make assumptions.

The content meant for the update is undoubtedly ready to be launched, so we expect it to be launched soon. Perhaps Activision will do so after tensions in America cool down.

What Will It Include?

The official Twitter account of Call of Duty posted a teaser trailer a few days before the initially planned release date:

The trailer depicts new story content for the game’s single-player campaign.

Also, the new season will add new weapons and operators for gamers to enjoy, most notably, the franchise’s hero – Captain Price, as well as many customization items for Warzone.

Also, we saw a quick glimpse of a potential new multiplayer map, and some rumors say that the Vector SMG will be brought back. We hope that is true because we saw it in past Call of Duty games and it was terrific.