Brave Browser Beta Version 1.12.106 Adds New Features

Brave Browser is a new web browser that promises to be a potent alternative to Google Chrome and other popular browsers.

Most modern browsers are based on the Chromium engine, which powers most browsers, like Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Vivaldi. The main exceptions are Firefox and Apple’s Safari.

Brave Browser also uses Blink, so it isn’t different from most browsers.

However, there are some considerable differences between Brave and its competition.

Many browsers are good at doing their jobs. There is universal support for safe HTTP connections, incognito browsing, and many sandboxing levels that prevent tabs from stealing data from each other.

However, many of us are aware that advertising often tends to affect our privacy.

Efficient ads have to be targeted. Imagine that you are an avid sea fan, and you receive ads for mountain resorts. That would be pointless.

Unfortunately, tracking techniques are getting increasingly invasive. Online advertising is extremely lucrative. Google recorded annual revenue of $161 billion for 2019. A lot of that money was generated by advertising.

Here is where Brave outshines other browsers – privacy. It blocks ads and trackers by default, allowing you to browse freely. Blocking trackers and ads boosts performance significantly.

Brave’s internal testing proved that the Browser could load most major news sites up to six times quicker than Google Chrome, Safari, and others for mobile and desktop.

The reason behind that is that Brave puts an end to all the extra images, tracking data, and scripts that are used to display targeted ads.

Current Version

The app reached version 1.12.106.

With each new update, Brave gets better at blocking ads and trackers, which means that it gets faster.

Brave is an exciting alternative to the browsers we’ve been using for over a decade now, so you should consider giving it a try.