Branded Games And Why They’re So Popular

Several years ago there was a popular trend of video game developers releasing branded games based on films and television shows. While it’s not as prevalent now, the trend has continued among casino games. But what makes branded games so popular?

A Brief History Of Branded Games

Throughout the 80s and 90s, many video game developers began creating games based on successful films. This trend continued throughout the 2000s and became so big that most films that released during that period had a video game adaptation. While they proved popular early on, gamers quickly caught on that most of these branded games were buggy, rushed, and just poor in quality, and by the early 2010s, video games based on films and television shows had almost disappeared.

However, this hasn’t stopped casino game developers from creating online slots based on branded properties. Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, numerous game developers took their turn at creating branded slots based on recent films and television shows, and they were hugely popular among gamers.

Developers have released video slots based on the Resident Evil film series, the Marvel films, the DC Comics films, and several other popular films and TV shows such as The Goonies, Game Of Thrones, Rick And Morty, Star Trek, and so many others. These continue to be some of the most-played casino games, and developers continue to release new branded games frequently.

Why Are Branded Casino Games So Successful?

One of the reasons branded games are so popular is because they’re familiar to the player. Many people are usually sceptical about trying something new or different, but if you provide them with something they’re familiar with, comfortable with or know, they’re much more likely to try and even enjoy it.

Another reason so many people enjoy playing branded content is that they like it. People enjoy consuming media and having a brand new slot based on the most recent comic book movie will be hugely popular among fans, particularly if the video slot includes symbols based on the film and features based on the characters and film too.

Branded slots are also popular for online casinos and game developers too because they generally guarantee players. This is why so many developers regularly release new slots and why most online casinos and their sister sites offer these branded games.

Should You Play Branded Games?

While it can be extremely tempting to play a branded video slot based on an intellectual property that you’re familiar with, it may not be a good idea to play them. A reason for this is because branded video slots tend to have lower RTP rates than most ordinary video slots, which means there may be a chance that you won’t make wins as often. The reason for this may be due to the license that the game developer has to pay to create a game based on that brand.

With this in mind, it’s much better for players to try playing a traditional video slot which will provide you with a better chance at making wins. After all, that’s one of the reasons you’re gambling in the first place, right?