Bosch Season 7: Possible Release Date and Storyline

The Bosch series is an Amazon product, which has recently made its sixth season available on the market. On the 15th of May, the company has released all of the episodes of the game on its official website. Even though the latest update was recently released, the fans are looking forward to the appearance of a seventh version. The latest game is entitled “The Truth,” being an echo of the primary objective of the gamer’s mission.

Will the 7th season be available for the fans in a short time? The company is already working on this project, so the answer is definitely yes! Therefore, the game will probably be available on the market by the end of next year.

So what can you do as long as you wait for the upcoming version? Well, you can always try out other impressive games proposed by Amazon, such as The Boys, Sneaky Pete, of Jack Ryan.

The plot of this famous series is the product of Eric Overmyer and Michael Connelly started writing the storyline. That was seven years ago, and ever since then, Bosch digital revealed its annual release with impressive upgrades. The voiceover was done by Michael Connelly, as per the digital publication.

Up until now, there has been no official release date for the seventh season. However, taking into consideration the annual tradition and pattern for releasing the games, the game will probably be available for the large public somewhere around April 2021.

It is still uncertain whether the company will manage to follow their traditional way of publishing the latest updates, given the ongoing pandemic that has affected the inner-workings of Bosch studios. Fortunately, no delay has been reported until now, and Bosch 7 will likely be available at the designated time. Should the COVID-19 pandemic carry on until spring, the possibility of postponing the release event until July 2021 is highly probable.