Boredom is the secret entrance to your inner garden of wishes and creativity

Berthe Morisot - Julie Daydreaming
Berthe Morisot - Julie Daydreaming

Things are what we make them be. A shoe is just a shoe unless we make it our favorite footwear. This is why, even when they get old, worn, and out of fashion we still try to find a place for them in our wardrobe. Because we’ve made them our favorite.

But how does that pair of shoes become the favorite?

It becomes so by itself? Or is there a more complex mechanism that makes us continue to find pleasure in wearing them? How come even when we got bored with them, somehow, we got back to wearing them?

Vincent van Gogh - Shoes
Vincent van Gogh – Shoes

And why is shoe a good example? For the same reason, you might ask that question. How come you don’t get bored wearing the same pair of shoes for years but you get bored with yourself? With the complexity of your personality, the richness of your memories, and the depths of your feelings become boring?

Boredom and laziness are emergency exits. Use them.

They say that boredom is the need to escape from yourself. Just as laziness is the need to escape from the world. They aren’t the same thing. You get bored when you are alone, and you are lazy when you don’t feel like completing the tasks you’re given. They are both the expression of the need to do something else than you are doing.

Ramon Casas Carbó - Laziness
Ramon Casas Carbó – Laziness

It is the lack of novelty that triggers those two feelings. Somehow, the world or ourselves become less interesting than a pair of shoes. We need a new world or a new self. But a shoe is just a shoe if we don’t make it our favorite shoe. The novelty isn’t hidden in some mysterious place out there. It is a mysterious place hidden inside our minds.

If only we would stop running form what we are feeling! If we would let boredom and laziness take over us, we’d find the way to that mysterious place in our mind where interesting things happen all the time, the place where the world exists as we perceive it. This is the realm called creativity.

Creativity is that place inside of us where we can make a shoe the greatest shoe in the world.

Make no mistake, creativity is the realm where the shoe had to travel to gain significance. That shoe tells a secret story about us, this is why we wear it so often.

But we can’t get to that place if we keep running from boredom and laziness. If we plunge in the next less boring activity, such as scrolling your smartphone, or turning on the TV, or engaging in a conversation with no purpose, you’ll end up feeling even more alienated.

Artists do it all the time. They call it daydreaming.

Let it be! Let that unpleasant lack of interest embrace you and trust your mind that it will take you places where even magic is possible.

Salvador Dali - The persistence of memory
Salvador Dali – The persistence of memory

You might end up finding a solution for a problem you couldn’t fix two days ago, or the answer to a question you asked yourself years ago.

Maybe you’ll remember there was a movie someone recommended you, or maybe you’ll find yourself missing your high-school best friend, and giving him a call would make a tremendous difference.

A dream from your childhood, when you wished to learn to do origami, might surprise you when you’ll find that the wish is still there.

Or maybe you’ll finally find the guts to write to that beautiful girl or boy that gave you their number two moths ago.

There are endless mysteries hidden inside your mind

Go look for them, if the moment you’re living doesn’t give you joy. This might even give you the energy to fulfill that boring task that made you lazy. You just need to accept your feelings and allow yourself to live them, even if they are nasty boredom and laziness.