Blizzard Successfully Develops New Expansion

The current global pandemic has negatively affected more than a few games by now. This is because of delays, bad communication and postponed releases of updates and of new titles. Blizzard, however, was not affected by this. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has went through its production phase just fine during the COVID-19 pandemic. The studio has recently declared that the expansion will arrive during this autumn, even if the developers have to ship the game from their personal homes. That is certainly a lot of dedication from the folks over at Blizzard! Fans will get to take a look at the mystical land of the dead, seeing what Sylvanas has done during their absence. Apparently, Shadowlands is also getting a beta version the following week. Blizzard really is on a roll.

Apparently, the beta is a feature complete, but there is still a lot of progress until the game is done. That is quite some pressure, considering the fact that the game is due to be released sometime during 2020. There is even a beta roadmap, telling use what features will come in the future. For example, there is some Castle Nathria raid testing that must take place. And that is not it. For example, there will be covenant campaigns, runecrafting, a bunch of PvP testing and much, much more from our friends over at Blizzard.

What is more, Blizzard has stated that there will be more details about Shadowlands this summer. Until then, you can even opt to receive invites to the beta of the expansion on your very own account. If you register and get selected, you can try out the selection even over the course over the following week. If you want to check out more info about the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Shwadowlands, simply go on its website.