Black Summer Season 2 Release Date And Other Details

black summer

Fans of Black Summer know that this is an original Netflix series created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. The action of the show takes place in the very same universe as Z Nation. It is actually a prequel to one of the most loved zombie series out there, but it feels more like a spiritual successor if you are asking us.

The action in Black Summer

The action is happening some years before the events that occurred before the Z Nation, during the darkest days of the zombie apocalypse. We see a mother who joins a group of strangers, which will help her find her daughter and her loved ones.

Will there be a Black Summer season 2?

Even if the show has some connection to the Zombie Nation, is it set on a different timeline from the Syfy show. Zombie Nation is still canceled, unfortunately, and it seems that it will remain that way.
And we all know how Netflix is when it comes to renewing its shows. It will take about two months before even announcing anything about the show. They have not said a word until October 2019.

The possible Black Summer season 2 release date

Funny thing, did you know that back in October, people spotted an auction on eBay by What’s On Netflix, which was called Hollywood It seems that they offered the public a chance to go on the set of season 2 when they start filming.

But then, in November 2019, Netflix confirmed the news. Black Summer will be back with season 2 on Netflix. Right now, we are waiting for the producers and makers to write an official statement, and give us a clear release date. But up until then, we are hunting the internet for new details.