Black Mirror Season 6 Might Be Interactive As Bandersnatch

Black Mirror Season 6​ is certainly going to appear, although Netflix did not yet announce the new season of the show. The series is one of the most-watched of the streaming platform, and also has high rates given by the critics, which is the sole reason Netflix should and will create more seasons for the franchise.

The most recent reports are claiming that Black Mirror​ Season 6 could, in fact, be an interactive episode, much like Bandersnatch, which is actually great and makes a lot of sense. Black Mirror: people adored Bandersnatch for the fact it offered a unique experience. Fans are still requiring the sequel to do that. It would make sense that creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones would make the sixth season of Black Mirror similar to Bandersnatch​​, with a 2020 release date on the mind.

Black Mirror Season 6 Release Date and Production

Black Mirror Season 6 is definitely coming, and Netflix has no say in this, developer Charlie Brooks said in an interview. The reason behind the sequel’s delay is the making of Bandersnatch; even the last season of the movie has been postponed because the development of the interactive episode changed the whole timeline of the series. Apparently, Netflix had to delay the schedule by six months, and this will also happen with Season 6, which could get a late 2020 launch date.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Part 2

​Black Mirror: Bandersnatch​ Part 2 is what fans have been requesting after watching the interactive episode. Even though the creators of the movie stated they would never try something like Bandersnatch again, they actually had some ideas for a sequel to complete the interactive episode.
Numerous rumors and reports are claiming that a Part 2 of the sequel will come; indeed, a Black Mirror: Bandersnatch​ Part 2 could, in fact, be on its way to Netflix.​