Bistrix24 Offers A Premium ERP Experience For Free

We live in the digital age, and software programs have been developed to handle a lot of tasks that used to require a lot of time in the past. While many solutions are available for a fee, there are some great ones that can be used for free.

Those who are are looking for an excellent ERP suite for free have found their answer in the form of Bistrix24. Bistrix24 is a fully-featured ERP that is fully online and can handle a large variety of tasks without issues. It is also available for free and really easy to implement!

Easy to use

The basic version of Bistrix24 can handle many tasks for the humble price of free. An unlimited number of users can be added, and there is support for specialized departments and tasks, including Human Resources, Communications, Documents, Collaborative Work, and much more.

For example, the HR sections allow employees to handle a lot of tasks via self-service. They can leave requests, track attendance time, upload work reports, and much more. A comprehensive knowledge base can also offer access to essential information in a fast and intuitive way.

Awesome features

Harness the company intranet feature to keep the company organized with a large number of options. An organizational chart can be quite useful during meetings, and a social intranet will allow employees to interact without the need to expose the company to security risks.

The Communications section will offer access to a lot of communication tools, including video conferencing tools, an e-mail server, instant messaging and group chat, and more. Bistrix24 also offers special solutions for particular needs, ranging from marketing and customer service to productivity and website builders. On-premise versions of the services are also available.

Users who require access to additional features have the option to purchase standard and business plans at great prices.