Biden Counters Trump by Saying that Everyone Wants to Open up the USA

President Donald J Trump, in a recent interview with Fox Business Network, has claimed that political opponents of his administration are trying to open the country as slow as possible in order to slander him and affect his election in November. In regards to Trump’s claims, former Vice President Joe Biden has said that everyone wants to open the country again, but in an effective and safe manner.

When asked to comment on whether his political adversaries are forcing him to keep the United States’ economy closed because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic., Trump responded to Maria Bartiromo, of the Fox Business Network, saying that he considers it to be a political manner.

The president highlighted that the population wants to see the correct thing happen and agrees with him. Trump also mentioned that if the decision was up to a certain group of individuals, the country would remain closed for a long amount of time. He assured, however, that that is never going to happen while he is leading the country.

The Democratic presidential nominee, Biden, declared in a statement on Thursday morning that the problem is not regarding the opening of the country. Everybody wants to open but in a controlled, safe manner. Unfortunately, Trump’s administration has not successfully put into the effort to open the USA at the required time.

The former Vice President issued his declaration a few hours before President Donald J Trump was scheduled to go towards the important so-called battleground state of Pennsylvania. President Donald J Trump will tour Owens & Minor, a medical equipment factory located in Allentown, where he is expected to highlight the rebuilding of the country’s stockpile of protective equipment for medical personnel, such as surgical gowns and gloves. The Pennsylvania company, which was founded almost 150 years ago, produces and distributes goods such as these.

This study has been published in Foxnews.