Best Showbox Alternatives – Quality Streaming Services You can Turn to

When it comes to deep archive and pure entertainment, almost nothing beats the Korean TV Show and film platform, Showbox. The application provides access to thousands upon thousands of videos. A lot of these even feature full-length movies.

Showbox has had quite a rocky timeline over its many years of existence, going through a bunch of close-downs, always proceeding to open up again, however. This time, unfortunately, Showbox appears to have been closed down for good. Luckily, there are still a number of good sources for free online movies and some legal paid services which match both Showbox’s quantity and quality of shows. Below is a list of the best available legal alternatives for Showbox.

Fandango Now

Fandango Now is a favorite pick as a commercial, paid service. This website has an extensive selection of TV shows and a lot of recent releases, catering to any kind of viewer. More than any other streaming service available, Fandango highlights quality. A lot of the shows are streamed in 4K with HDR color formatting. Even a brief search on Fandango Now brings up older classic TV shows such as Doctor Who, B-grade movies, foreign films, but also a wide array of niche, little-known documentary. All of these are available at a very low price.


Vudu is yet another movie streaming service for viewers that want above-average quality. It is far from a simple browser app and it lets you watch way more than just old movies. Vudu is owned by Walmart and the service pairs up great with Fandango Now when it comes to the 4K content and the variety of films and TV shows available. For example, the classic show Macgyver, which lasted 4 seasons, is available for an accessible 14.99 USD. You can also stream a large amount of movies, such as I Am Number Four, Happy Feet, and St. Vincent.


Let’s stop beating around the bush. No list about streaming services is complete without the giant of the industry, the infamous Netflix. Netflix is a powerhouse of original programming that originally started out as a way to order DVD discs by mail. Netflix now stands out because of its highly extensive library. There is a movie or a show available for pretty much any taste a viewer could have. These range from true crime documentaries to science fiction and to romantic chick flicks. For viewers with more unique tastes, Netflix’s suggestion engine is definitely an interesting one, as it knows everything about what you watch and what you like.  A lot of suggestions based on movies and shows that you watch in the past will surprise you, such as some unknown classic rock documentaries and a bunch of sci-fi shows that nobody really remembers by this point.


YouTube is also an excellent source for free movies, such as Korean dramas. The famous site seems to just cater to viewers that enjoy gadget reviews and prank videos, but there is so much more to YouTube than that. There is a wide selection of indie films, classics and public domain movies on the Google-affiliated giant. YouTube also has the distinct advantage of being incredibly searchable. You can use the search bar to type in the name of any location, actor, producer, director, film, TV show, or even a specific episode, and you are guaranteed to be surprised by how amazingly accurate the results are. There is also something that keeps bringing viewers to YouTube time and time again. The site has a very high reliability. Upon finding videos, you do not have to deal with problems such as banner ads, bandwidth congestion and overhead advertisements.